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Orchestra of the 64th Viennese Opera Ball:

Divertimento Viennese

In 1998, a few ambitious musicians came together into a loose ensemble in the fertile environment of Viennese musical life. The followed appearances in partly quaint and quirky but also dignified and venerable venues, enabling the young troupe to expand its repertoire in countless varied musical directions.

The Viennese musical tradition has always been the point of departure for artistic creation by our musicians of different nationalities.

Thus, from a kind of salon orchestra there eventually developed today´s stylistically authentic and musically rich ensemble Divertimento Viennese, an orchestra that now specializes in late 19th and early 20th century music.

In addition to classical Viennese dance music, the Divertimento Viennese specializes in legendary hits of the Roaring Twenties and Swinging Thirties, which it performs in exclusive original arrangements. An orchestral set-up specially tailored to the challenging repertoire allows for the immediate transformation from a classically elegant ball orchestra to a rhythmically pulsating dance band of the 1930s. The combination with jazz soloists, a Latin American rhythm section, as well as with members of famous symphony orchestras, all guarantee quality and tonal opulence.

As a Viennese ball orchestra, Divertimento Viennese naturally adheres to the tradition of the ball opening, the midnight quadrille as well as the accompaniment of vocal performances of items from opera, operetta and musicals. Among the many Viennese balls that Divertimento Viennese plays at are the Vienna Philharmonic Ball, the Hofburg Silvesterball – the New Year’s Eve Ball at the Vienna Hofburg and the Ball of the Viennese Coffee House Proprietors.

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Divertimento Viennese

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Past orchestras include:

2018: Divertimento Viennese
2017: Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna
2016: Peter Duchin Orchestra